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Retrofit solutions for printing press

Eternal life? The dream of many poets. While we dare to dream, we’re mainly realists. That’s why we offer retrofits. They keep presses youthful and ready for future challenges. They also extend press availability and service life and get their automation up to date. If the press remains the same but the availability of potentially already obsolete technology is no longer guaranteed, yet efficiency needs to increase, a retrofit is just the right choice. The results are higher production quality and fewer interruptions during production, for example, by modernizing the control or installing a new drive controller.

Examples of retrofits:

ControlCenter retrofit:

This retrofit transforms the existing central control console into a fully new cockpit. Ultra-innovative operation devices and user interfaces create an easy-to-use system. This reduces production time through real time monitoring and correction options during ongoing operation. With the MobilPad mobile control console, the operator can access all functions directly where they are needed.

PECOM system retrofit:

A retrofit of the PECOM system ensures press availability and employees will appreciate the new processes that lighten their workloads through the integration of the latest PECOM-X automation technology.

Drive system retrofit:

Retrofitted drive controls improve the reliability and availability of your systems. manroland web systems helps you bridge the generations.

Control system retrofit:

A control retrofit increases production efficiency through substantial improvements to system availability and system communication. The retrofit portfolio ranges from sectional retrofits to third-party systems and even includes network and diagnostic systems.

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