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Sheetfed Offset Presses

Premium quality offset printing presses for commercial, packaging and publishing applications.

At the heart of Manroland’s drive for innovation and product development is a quest for customised solutions to meet the specialised and ever-changing needs of its customers. You are not just be buying a ROLAND press but investing in an evolving system with our FutureProof package, designed to add value to your business.

With Manroland InLine systems, QuickChange technologies and SelectSystems, the versatility of our sheetfed presses is unique. Virtually all of our presses can print on board and a variety of substrates without the need for optional accessories. That significantly broadens the range of products a printer can produce, which vastly expands his marketplace opportunities.


The ROLAND 700 Evolution, the latest generation ROLAND 700 with DirectDrive technology, incorporates many new technological developments, aimed to give printers unprecedented levels of efficiency, productivity, operation and quality.

ROLAND 900 Evolution. This is a highly automated large-format press that produces considerably more multiple-up pages than presses in smaller format classes.


ROLAND 900 XXL Perfector. The world’s largest press and the ultimate machine for ‘one pass productivity’. It stands alone as a peerless example of large format perfecting excellence.

ROLAND 500. Producing premium print quality at reduced makeready times, the ROLAND 500 is the perfect press for commercial and packaging printing.

ROLAND 200 and 200H. The same footprint as small-format presses but delivers twice the output. The 200H has a pile height of 900mm leaving plenty of space for other work between pile changes.

ROLAND 50. The first printing press in the 36/52 format class to offer double-size cylinders and transferters, a true leader in small format printing.

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