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New Management Team for manroland Goss Australasia

Dennis Wickham and Andreas Schwoepfinger take the lead for sales and service

Each having more than 20 years of experience in the printing industry in Australia and Germany, the new management team for manroland Goss Australasia is perfectly prepared for taking the leading roles. Wickham and Schwoepfinger replace Steve Dunwell and Graham Wickham in their positions, who have recently retired.

In his role as Managing Director, Dennis Wickham is responsible for manroland Goss Australasia with a major focus on sales of manroland Goss web systems web offset presses as well as digital finishing solutions and automation features, along with selling sheetfed presses for manroland sheetfed and project management are part of his new position. Andreas Schwoepfinger, as Technical Director Service, is responsible for all services and products regarding the manroland Goss web systems customized Solutions, Support and Store, along with service support for sheetfed customers.

“Both, Dennis Wickham and Andreas Schwoepfinger, have been working for manroland Goss web systems for a long time and understand the unique needs of each customer through the development of strong relationships. They are well aware of the Australian market requirements and bring a lot of enthusiasm to support the Australasia customers to be successful. With the new team, manroland Goss Australasia will keep its strong market position and strengthen it – especially in the service sector,” Alexander Wassermann, Managing Director of manroland Goss web systems commented on the new management team.

The Australasia region that covers Australia and New Zealand is a huge and successful market for manroland Goss web systems, the market leader in web offset presses. “Besides new sales we are mainly considering possibilities for growth in the service sector”, Schwoepfinger comments. “With many of the biggest Australian printers as our customers, we want to increase the support for our customers for press upgrades and services but also new state-of-the-art features, like the manroland Goss web STORE, our 24/7 online store for wear- and spare parts.” Wickham comments: “Besides strengthening this important business sector, we are also looking forward to conquering new market areas for digital finishing and offset solutions. I am happy to work with the team within manroland Goss to make manroland Goss web systems Australasia even more successful in the future”.

Steve Dunwell and Graham Wickham, the two recently retired managing directors of manroland Goss web systems Australasia have done a great job since 2008/2009. “Steve Dunwell and Graham Wickham have paved the way for the new young management team to conquer and strengthen all market fields in Australasia. We would like to thank them for a great job and at the same time welcome our new management team”, Alexander Wassermann finally states.

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