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Packaging Printing Redefined: The VARIOMAN from manroland|Goss web systems

Background and facts about the innovative web offset press VARIOMAN for flexible packaging printing

VARIOMAN is the name of the newly designed packaging printing press from manroland Goss web systems. Due to its sophisticated design, the offset-gravure hybrid press produces printed films and offers system integration, service- and maintenance packages and all proven key competences of printing systems Made in Augsburg. The first customer is already waiting in the wings.

“With the VARIOMAN, we want to provide a new production system to our customers – at the first configuration level for flexible packaging printing,” Alexander Wassermann, Managing Director of manroland Goss web systems, explains. He adds: “The market asks for press systems that meet the demands for brand differentiation, enhanced comfort and additional packaging sizes. Therefore, we have developed the VARIOMAN.“ The press combines the latest technology with high substrate- and production flexibility and process integration. The result: faster, more efficient and cost-reduced packaging printing.

The business field of the VARIOMAN f:line are films and paper The VARIOMAN is a real all-rounder for packaging printing. It shows its complete performance when printing films and paper with high grammages. The variable sleeve offset printing units are the base in circumference and width. They can be individually designed for printing films and combined with several other components. Thanks to a combination of variable sleeve offset printing units, a corona treatment, EB- or UV-drying and gravure printing units with dryers, different films can be printed in high quality and variability.

Production variety is appreciated The VARIOMAN stands for substrate- and production variety. Printable substrates include films or paper from 10 to 300 μm. The product range enables solutions for different web widths and a production speed of up to 400 m/min. Modular offset printing units offer highest flexibility. Thanks to the proven sleeve technology, the printing unit is format-variable and A job change can be carried out quickly.

Cost-conscious offset technology The well-known integrated presetting- and control systems from manroland Goss web systems considerably reduce waste rates – especially in comparison to press lines without these control systems. Compared to flexo printing, digital printing or gravure printing solutions, the offset technology reproduces a high printing quality with a huge benefit in cost-per-copy. Compared to the latter, the production costs can be decreased to 25% – depending on each particular job structure. This can be achieved due to the usage of offset printing plates instead of gravure cylinders and a significantly faster job change. A quick finishing is enabled by a long-lasting drying of the offset ink. Electron Beam Systems help to make photo initiators, as used for UV-colour, redundant. Thus, the printing press can be additionally equipped with UV-drying.

Further application fields in preparation At a later stage, the VARIOMAN c:line will take over the part of carton printing. Its printing units will be especially designed for cartons and optimized for the use of substrates with 250-700 µm. Inline finishing will be enabled by optional punching units and sheeters. Further system configurations for additional application fields are possible.

More benefits from intelligent networked processes A main guideline of manroland Goss web systems is the efficient networking of the entire printing room. The VARIOMAN makes no exception here. The proven drive-, operation- and workflow management system PECOM-X integrates the different components from manroland Goss web systems to one systems solution. Thanks to a steady reporting and controlling, the networked production of the packaging press guarantees a faster process – from the packaging design up to printing the product.

Completed by a strong service partner The VARIOMAN establishes highest service quality for packaging printing. The worldwide retrievable lifetime service package is part of every VARIOMAN offer. With this, the user gains access to the three manroland Goss web systems service columns: Solutions, Support and Store. The customers benefit from calculable costs and a 24/7 access to the remote maintenance system TeleSupportCentre – over the entire lifecycle of the press. Additionally, an easy and comfortable handling for wear- and spare parts delivery is provided at the online shop manroland Goss web STORE.

The premiere of the VARIOMAN already lies ahead The first system of this new generation will start its production for an international packing printer beginning of 2018. It is designed as a hybrid press with offset and gravure printing units for flexible packaging printing and associated with a life-time service contract that ensures a consistent high performance of the press.

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